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Welding Inspections

Third Party Weld Inspections

Third Party Inspections are an assurance to the customer that the manufactured item has been completed in line with all welding requirements and this item is fit for purpose. This safeguards the welfare, health and safety of the community and its environment and is a requirement on most if not all projects.
KTI Welding Inspectors have the qualifications and experience to carry out Visual Inspections in accordance with AS, ASME and other codes. Our inspectors monitor and critically examine welds before, during and after the fabrication and welding and sign off on Inspection and Test Plans (ITP). Our team takes into account the set-up of work, that specified equipment is used, correct procedures are maintained and work is performed in accordance with the specified standard.
During a third-party inspection, our team prepares a visual worksheet with all findings and comments. They also identify as well as provide advice on any areas of “Did Not Comply” (DNC) for remedial action. On completion of the project, we undertake an inspection to ensure the fabricated component complies with all the requirements of standards/codes/specifications.
Once compliant, a Visual Inspection Report is prepared, stamped, signed off and provided to the client.

Our Third-Party Inspection services include:

  • Pre- inspection meetings
  • Pre- fabrication vendor document reviews
  • Welding inspection
  • Dimensional inspection
  • MDR reviews
  • Final inspection

Other Weld Inspection Services

To ensure continuity of weld quality and adherence to your ITP , our team can offer you ongoing assistance with welding quality control through scheduled inspections of your site and/or workshop to verify the following:
  • All welders are using qualified WPSs and hold valid qualifications
  • Proper weld consumables are being used and stored as per manufacturers recommendations
  • There is no damage to components through handling and transport
  • Proper torque values for bolted connections are met
  • Weld details as stated in drawings are duplicated in the field
  • Completed welds are the required size and length
  • Welds conform to the acceptance criteria
  • Dimensions of components to ensure that components are built to your specifications

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