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Weekend Welding Awareness

Non- Accredited Weekend Welding Awareness Course/ Training

Who wants to make your own projects in your back yard or garage?
Who is seeking to enter the welding industry?
Or finally, who is currently working in a welding or other industry?
Then a Weekend Welding Awareness course is right for you. It will provide you with basic knowledge of theoretical and practical skills. Like how to set up welding machine, create and control a molten pool, make simple welds in a flat or down hand position (it depends on your hand skills). It covers one process at one time among Stick, Mig and Tig welding processes. Please check the calendar to choose a process. You will receive a Student Hand Book & Statement of Attainment upon completion of this course. This is a one-day course for 4 hours.
Please check the calendar.

We accept only 4 students so trainers can spend more time with students and improve their skills. So please book your spot as early as possible. First come first serve.

Cancellation- No refund. You can book another day upon 36 hours prior notice to start your course. It depends on the availability of the day. Please check the calendar. If you can’t book the course through the website, it means the course is full.

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