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Advanced Welding Courses Available

Our advanced Welding Courses This unit of competency defines the skills and knowledge required to carry out advanced welding using MIG, TIG & STICK welding process.

Welds are associated with a range of structural sections and/or plate and/or pipe for general fabrication using ferrous Or non-ferrous materials. Weld quality would typically conform to AS 1554 Structural Purpose or equivalent.

This course is designed for no experience OR experience students.
No experience students will choose full course option.

If you are already in the industry & have experience those students will able to go through RPL path.
RPL path does required evidence of experience such as employer letter, work photos, referees, practical & theoretical skill & knowledge to perform the competency of the units.

What I will learn in this course?
You will learn only one process in this course. You will learn Joint configuration & positional welding Example Butt, Lap joints in horizontal, overhead & vertical position. Weld quality would typically conform to AS 1554 Special Purpose.

What I will get benefit from this course?
The Advanced Welding Course will upgrade you in the fabrication industry.
Employers are always looking for people with trained, positional welding skills, to use on different kind jobs, this may involve site work.

Employers are careful with investing their time & money, but as time passes this will change based on your performance.

If I finish course will I get certificate?
No you won’t receive certificate until you use those skills on the job for 160 hours for Intermediate unit & advance welding unit each.

Assessment must include evidence of each 160 hours of workplace practice associated with the skills of this unit in a functioning workplace. You need to submit the evidence of it to us. Once you submit the evidence and achieved all units competency you will receive the Statement of Attainment.

Can I pay by instalment? 
Yes you can. Please contact Study Loan, their contact details are:
Phone- 1800 324 909

Is there any Government funding is available?
No, unfortunately there is no funding available.

Note- Kangaroo Training Institute does not give you any guarantee of a job.