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Online Refresher Course Work Safely at Heights


RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heigths

Qualification Description - Work Safely at Heights Training

This nationally recognised “Online Refresher Course Work Safely at Heights” training course gives trainees the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently work at heights. ‘Working at Heights’ is whenever people are at risk of falling from, into or through one level to another or at risk of hitting others below with falling objects.

When working at height, preparation and planning are essential. Falls from height can leave people with permanent and debilitating injuries. Falls often occur from roofs, scaffolds, ladders, trucks and mezzanine floors or into pits or holes. On completion the trainees will be able to competently understand and perform.

Course outcome
  • Perform inspection on height safety equipment
  • Wear and maintain height safety equipment
  • Select a suitable anchorage point and how to safety use it
  • Install and use fall arrest and fall restraint system
  • Store and care for necessary equipment
  • Identify appropriate rescue procedures
  • Understand legislation, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice relevant to working and being safe at various heights and fall prevention equipment.
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