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MEM20413 Certificate II in Engineering Pathways

Certificate ii in engineering develops trade-like skills and is not intended to develop trade-level skills. As an example, the outcome level of welding skills from this qualification is not about learning trade -level theory and practice of welding; it is about being introduced to welding, how it can be used to join metal with the opportunity to weld some metal together. Similarly, with machining the outcome should be something produced on a lathe etc., not the theory and practice of machining. The focus should be on using engineering tools and equipment to produce or modify objects. This needs to be done in a safe manner for each learner including people near the learner.

This qualification is intended for people interested in exposure to an engineering or related working environment with a view to entering into employment in the area. It will equip graduates with knowledge and skills which will enhance their prospects of employment in an engineering or related working environment.

MEM20413 delivers broad-based underpinning skills and knowledge in a range of engineering and manufacturing tasks which will enhance the graduates’ entry-level employment prospects for apprenticeships, traineeships or general employment in an engineering-related workplace.