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Basic Welding Course Information

Book Now Save 30% off offer ends 31st March 2021
Full Basic Welding Course 6 Units was $3100 Now $2170 Save $930.
The next day course starts from 1st Febraury 2021
The Next Day course starts from 22nd Febraury 2021
See the calendar for all courses. They are all Basic Welding but just different processes.
Limited seats available, this offer ends soon. Terms & Conditions apply.

Our Basic Welding course is designed for students with little or no experience.
Experienced students will able to go through the RPL path which requires evidence of experience, such as employer letter, work photos, referees, practical & theoretical skills and knowledge to perform the competency of the units.
Students with no experience need to choose the full course option.

What I will learn in this course?
You will learn all three MIG, TIG & STICK welding processes, or one process, it all depends on your choice of course.
You will learn how to set up a welding machine, joint preparation & to do simple weld Example Butt and Lap joints in down hand position.

What I will get benefit from this course?
The Basic Welding course will help to get your foot into the fabrication industry, employer's are always looking for trained people.
Employers are not ready to invest their time and money on you at the beginning of employment, but as time passes this changes. The Basic welding training will help you to be able to apply for second-class welder, production welder and trade assistant jobs.

If I finish course successfully will I get certificate?
Yes if you achieved all units competency you will received Statement of Attainment.

Can I pay by instalment?
Yes you can. Please contact Study Loan, their contact details are:
Phone- 1800 324 909

Is there any Government funding is available?
No, unfortunately there is no funding available.

Note- Kangaroo Training Institute does not give you any guarantee of a job.